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How to drain the basement?

You walk downstairs and you see the whole basement is full of water. There was a leak which leads to a basement full of water and mud. Ofcourse you want it out of your basement, but how are you going to do that? The best way to remove it, is with a pump. But what kind of pump do you need? there are a few factors that influenced the choice. First of all you have to know what kind of waterpump you need. The dab water pump is the best kind of waterpump when you want to remove the water from your basement. Then you need to answer a few kind of questions on (for example) They will ask you how high the water is, because not every pump is good for such high water. The categories are: 0 – 5 meters high, 0 – 7 meter high, or more than 7 meters. Than the kind of water is important for example clean water is easier than mud and other nasty water. That’s why you have to choose the right pump because not every pump can resist mud or other kind of manure. The last question is how you want to drain the basement. If you want to really drain your basement you need a manual. If you want it automatic, the pump drains automatic if the water gets above a waterheight. So if the water gets higher than 10 cm high the pump starts automaticaly till it is under the 10 cm. For example If you need a pump that has to drain manual, max 5 meter high and the water is clean you get a various kind of pump then when you have to pump mud. Also you get different brands like Tallas or Dab and many more different kinds of brands.