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Ludwigshafen Transport

Ludwigshafen has no airfield it self but it is  connected with airports in the region. This city is the most important German harbour west, and that’s how the local industry depends on shipping their products and raw materials on the river. Ludwigshafen harbour consists of several basins in the South of the city. Highways of this city connects to all directions.

Block Trains

Block trains travel between Schwarzheide and Ludwigshafen and between Antwerp and Ludwigshafen several times a week. Railroad is also used to link the site to other important sites. These trains travel straight to their destination without stopping in between. It avoids CO2 emission and perhaps saves energy in compared to transport by road.

There are also synergy effects with overseas shipments and truck movements. These effects are centrally organized, and containers are filled to the optimum level. Verband is beneficial when it comes to bottling and storage. Production facilities have their own products packaged and bottled centrally.

Ludwigshafen Hauptbahnhof

A huge station with impressive pylon bridge serving as the city’s landmark. The architecture of this station is extraordinary, which is caused by the requirement to connect three joining tracks. It consists of an underground station Starßenbahn and above the concourse, there is a massive road bridge. The suburban train system is running successfully in the region since 2003.

Ludwigshafen’s public transport system is currently run by the VBL and VRN. An integrated Ludwigshafen tramway network includes:

  • Four tram lines

These four tram lines cross the Rhine bridges between the two cities. It consists of another line which only runs through Ludwigshafen. The bus network consists of regional lines and around ten municipal lines. The four underground tram stations consists of a rather strange feature Ludwigshafen’s public transport system.

The Intermodal Transport Terminal

From rail to road and vice versa — this transport terminal started operating in 2000. This terminal is found very useful to link trains and trucks together as means of transport in cost effective and environmental friendly way. Conventional transport of goods cannot be transferred onto other means of transport thus goods are only transported in trains. Road and rail are combined in the intermodal transport terminal. The goods are usually collected at the production family, which are driven by truck to the terminal. Later on, the goods are transferred by crane from the truck to a train and further transported by rail. After reaching the destination, a truck again comes along and handles the goods which are further transported to their final spot. The advantage we get is that long distances are easily covered by rail in a friendly way. This terminal is available for shippers and external carriers to use. It helps in making the region more attractive by the substantial contribution as a logistical hub.

If you ever want to visit Ludwigshafen, the following transport services will help you reach places:

  • Contargo Rhein-Neckar GmbH

  • Bertschi GmbH

  • Frey Spedition

  • Gruber GmbH & Co. KG

  • Intertrans GmbH

  • Alkac Transporte

  • INTransport

  • Sami Umzüge & Transporte

Ever visited Ludwigshafen? If not then pack your bags because hotels in Ludwigshafen are cheap and no doubt, you’ll have a great time.

Transport is the main key for a city to keep it running and looking at Ludwigshafen, we can easily say that it is affordable to travel and visit places but most of all, it is as safe as any place can be.