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The best attractions to visit by car in Granada

The five most visited attractions in Granada: Granada has one of the most fascinating histories and cultures in all of Spain. As expected, the city is full of attractions and monuments to explore, from the great fortress of the Alhambra to the old Moorish quarter of Albayzín, breathtaking street art, superb tapas bars and a happy annual celebration. If you rent a car in Granada, you should not miss any attractions in this city.


It is difficult to sum up this magnificent spectacle in a few words: the Alhambra is a palace, a castle, a summer retreat and a closed city, all in an enchanting place. It was built during the 1200s and 1300s for the Nasrid, who ruled the emirate of Granada during the last centuries of Muslim control in Andalusia. After the “Reconquista”, it also became the royal court of the Catholic Kings, Isabella I and Ferdinand II. Book well in advance and spend an exciting day marvelling at the royal rooms, serene courtyards and palaces of the divine and Moorish Renaissance.


From Plaza Nueva, head north to the Arab quarter of Granada, which is also part of the UNESCO site in Granada.After the reconquest, the Moorish population who wanted to stay in Granada settled and it is impossible to ignore the influence on the architecture of this captivating part of the city. Muslims were eventually expelled and their mosques became churches. The street plan is a tangle of narrow alleys with high white painted townhouses.

Granada Cathedral

Built on the top of the Granada Mosque in the early 16th century, this magnificent building is the second largest cathedral in Spain.It was built during a popular transition, so the foundations are Gothic, although the main structure and interior are Renaissance. To soak up the brilliance of this cathedral, stand in the main chapel and look at the stained glass windows, sculptures and paintings on the sides.

Royal Chapel

Next to the cathedral is the resting place of two of Spain’s most important leaders.The Catholic rulers, Islabella I and Ferdinand II, are buried here and completed the Christian reconquest of Spain by the Moors in the late 1400s. Their beautiful tomb is made of alabaster and was designed by the Italian sculptor Domenico Fancelli. The tombs of their successors, Joanna of Castile and Philip I, are also in the royal chapel, as well as the grandson of the Catholic monarchs, Miguel da Paz, the Prince of Portugal who died in childhood.


In Islamic times, it was the place of the Grand Bazaar of Granada, where merchants praised their silks and herbs along several intersecting streets. Nowadays, there is only one passage left filled with souvenir shops. If you are looking for a gift that truly represents Granada and Andalusia, try Fajalauza ceramic, Moorish style earthenware, hand painted with blue or green plant motifs.

Why rent a car in Granada?

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Driving in Granada:

When driving in the center of Granada, be aware that some parts of the city are car-free and that some restricted lanes are only accessible to buses at certain times of the day. It can sometimes be difficult to find parking spaces on the street, especially during peak tourist periods, but you will find many public car parks located around the city.